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From creating custom tracks, to composing fresh instrumentals for existing lyrics or vocal melodies, Musicallica provide flat rate quotes for any type of original music composition. Everything we do is designed to match your exact requirements. This means the music we provide is 100% original and produced solely for your project and cannot be reused or resold by us.

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Pay a 50% deposit
Pay a 50% deposit

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Initial one-hour Skype call
Initial one-hour Skype call

To open up communication about the project.

We’ll send the mp3 file for your review
We’ll send the mp3 file for your review

Use your unlimited revisions if required!

Once satisfied with the finished product
Once satisfied with the finished product

Submit full payment to receive final instrumental/beat in WAV format without voice tag.

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Using this services means you will have full ownership of the music provided (the “master” sound recording). You may be required to sign an order agreement related to your specific project. This will detail the full rights of exploitation that have been granted (right to distribute, broadcast, sell, use in public spaces) and the purpose of the project, including the music that has been ordered. A music producer contract may also need to be signed, depending on the project.
Musicallica’s composer/producer will retain ownership rights of the music (melody). Written consent must be sought from Musicallica if use of the music requires authorisation from the rights holders, including the Musicallica composer/producer. This would relate to usage for the right to adapt (video clips, audio visual), synchronise (commercials, films) to sampling, modifying/arranging, transforming (remixes).

Provisional registration of the music will be held with the relevant performing rights organisation and will also be subject to copyright (royalties etc.). Where lyrics are written and added to the music, copyright share breaks down as follows (mechanical rights):

  • 50% to Musicallica composer
  • 50% to the lyricist

Both parties must sign the final title registration with relevant performing arts organisation, even in the event of the lyricist not being an existing member, as registration can still be carried out. Half of the publishing share for any published songs will be claimed by Musicallica.
Authors of the work must be credited (including Musicallica composer/producer) as is stated under moral rights.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions

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