General FAQ

Royalty free music is a modern term that represents a simple model for licencing music. In general,  royalty free means that after you initially pay one-time tax you are granted the right to use the music as many times as you want, in as many of your productions as required and for as long as you want in almost every type of audio/visual production.
You DO NOT have to pay additional copyrights and there are not any additional taxes for its use.

Royalty free music is the most secure way to add music to your video clips. You only pay for it once and then have the freedom to use it as many times as you wish.
If the music is used in an irregular way, you could be sanctioned through streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and etc. Your audio could be turned off, or the video clip could be deleted from the website entirely.
Royalty free music is created in a way that allows television producers to add music to television programs without the current long and complicated process of paying for copyrights.
Buying this type of music allows you to support independent composers anywhere in the world.

YouTube and Facebook use special software that scans the video and audio and monitors for unlawful use and copyright infringement. We do not register our music with YouTube or Facebook. That means if a copyright claim is raised via these platforms it will either be a case of software error or that somebody is trying to steal our music and present it as their own.
If you receive a copyright claim from YouTube, please do not take down the video in order to respond to the claim. Inform YouTube that you have permission from the real copyright holder and attach the licence to for them to review. Also get in touch with us as soon as possible about the claim with details regarding the piece of music in question. This will enable us to provide assistance with the matter where necessary.
If you receive a copyright claim from Facebook or Instagram, please press the Restore Audio button.

We offer 4 main types of musical licence. Our standard licence allows you to use our music for most general applications such as websites, video clips, podcasts, in-store music, hold music and much more.

Although our licences allow for a wide range of uses, there are some limitations:
You cannot:
     А) Sell, trade, distribute or make available the music itself.
     B) Use / include the songs in musical compilations such as CDs/DVDs for compilations where the songs are individual elements.
     C) Create/produce new musical works (musical compositions, songs) based on our music. For example, if you are a singer, you cannot place use the music as a backing track and sell the song for money.
For more information please read our licence conditions which explains these limitations in full.

If you do not want to credit or if you want to support this website you can buy a license on the track pages (click on the track picture).
You can find the type of authorized projects here: Licensing Comparison Chart

Yes, you can use our music for free in your multimedia projects (Online videos, YouTube, Facebook, websites, animations, etc.). Such usage is covered by a Free Creative Commons License which is only valid if you credit within your project or project description with either of the following examples:

 “track name” by or
music by

If you do not want to credit or if you want to support this website you can buy a license on the track pages (click on the track picture).
You can find the type of authorized projects here: Licensing Comparison Chart

Absolutely. We know how important it is to be safe when you are using copyrighted material. Third-parties releasing or distributing your productions may want to verify you have a valid music licence and have been authorised to use the music.
You will be provided with a real, official licence document (PDF certificate) that confirms your right to use the music in compliance with the licence. Each licence is accessible for downloading in your account in “My Downloads” tab.

The newest music on our site is displayed on the home page in the New Releases section.

No, mentioning the composer is not mandatory.

When you complete an on-line transaction, you will receive an e-mail from Stripe or PayPal confirming the purchase.  After that you will receive an e-mail from Musicallica with your unique link for downloading and accessing the song and the license.

You can also download your files from your account. Just click on “My account” on the website and click on “My Downloads”. This shows which songs have been purchased, the date and their price. You can download these songs by clicking on the Download button.

The audio logos are short audio/musical fragments that are often used as a signature for company logos/opening screens and other applications. A good example is the starting sound of Windows or the sound signal used by Intel.

Custom made music FAQ

Our business model is based on equal rights and an opportunity for everyone. Therefore, when we receive a request for a new melody, we provide it to at least two composers who offer their suggestions so you have wider choice of versions available.

Almost all of our team of musicians, composers and producers and are available for work on personalised music. We have experts in almost every style of music and they can help you with a suggested solution upon your request.

Billing FAQ

Of course. Musicallica is hosted on high security servers that use the latest antivirus and protection software. All our files are carefully checked with updated antivirus software and our website is also updated against the newest possible cyber threats.
All financial transactions are processed by Stripe and Paypal.

We accept all types of card and PayPal payments.

We are a company not yet registered under VAT.

We do not share your information with third parties, companies or organisations. Your personal data is only used by our payment provider Stripe and PayPal.  Your personal data will not be shared, sold or submitted to third parties in any way. We value your personal data and do everything to protect it from any type of exposure. 

Musicallica is optimised to operate with all popular browsers. Please inform us if you notice any irregularities and we will do our best to help.  

Yes.  We have optimised our catalogue and site so it can be listened to on most mobile devices.

As all our music can be seen and listened to online before a purchase is made, we are not able to offer refunds. However, if you discover that any of our files are not working or are damaged in any way, we will try to provide you with a working version as soon as possible. If a musical file has been purchased by mistake, we will swap the melody with an alternative option, or will credit your account at our discretion. 

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